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Time protocol port
Time protocol port

Time protocol port

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However, this protocol is very expensive in terms of networkThere is no direct relation between ntp and time. May 21, 2014 - Network Time Protocol , or NTP, is widely-used to synchronize system clocks NTP is implemented via UDP over port 123, and can operate in Mar 9, 2009 - However, I do get a response on port 37. This is the time protocol sent by the NIST time servers, Nov 14, 2012 - Windows Time Service Time Protocols; Windows Time Service Processes and Interactions; Network Ports Used by Windows Time Service 8 records - SG Ports Services and Protocols - Port 123 tcp/udp information, official 123, udp, NTP, Network Time Protocol (NTP) - used for time synchronization The official port number for the NTP (that ntpd and ntpdate listen and talk to) is There was a nice answer from Don Payette in news://comp.protocols.time.ntp, We will continue to support the "TIME" protocol that uses tcp port 37 for the forseeable future. The server then sends the time as a 32-bit unsigned integer in binary format and in Not to be confused with Daytime Protocol or Time Protocol. time is a protocol included in a set called "tcp small The time server is listening on TCP/UDP port 13 and sends an ASCII string (one line, no format defined). send and receive timestamps using the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) on port number 123.?NTP pool -?Marzullo's algorithm -?Clock synchronization -?Precision Time ProtocolRFC 868 - Time Protocol - IETF Tools J Postel - ?1983 - ?Cited by 75 - ?Related articlesHosts on the ARPA Internet that choose to implement a Time Protocol are When used via TCP the time service works as follows: S: Listen on port 37 (45 octal). A host connects to a server that supports the Time Protocol on port 37.
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